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The Feed Pail November 1, 2015: Carolina's upbeat attitude after the loss questioned, college football went a little crazy yesterday, and more

It's somehow already the last month of the regular season

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The State: Gamecocks feeling better about themselves despite another loss. Kendall describes the players as being more upbeat than you'd expect after a loss. But Cloninger asks Is it wrong for South Carolina to be so upbeat after a loss? I think it's pretty much impossible to answer whether a team's attitude is "right" or "wrong" in sports because sports should be more fun than the serious things that have real right and wrong answers. Nobody wants the team to get comfortable or content with moral victories and improvements that don't translate to real wins, but I'm certainly not going to criticize them for remaining hopeful and being positive about their chances.

The Big Spur: Improvement, effort not enough as Gamecocks fall to Texas A&M. Whittle recaps how the Gamecocks came up short against the Aggies and what the players and coaches had to say about it. Plus, Eric Hyman says that Ray Tanner knows what he's doing.

ESPN SEC Blog: Kyler Murray's coming out party leads Texas A&M over South Carolina. Apparently people still haven't learned not to put too much stock into the performance of new quarterbacks against South Carolina.

Bleacher Report: South Carolina vs. Texas A&M: Game grades, analysis. The Gamecocks get B's and C's on everything except Run Defense.

Gamecocks Online: The Gamecocks best #13 Old Dominion 3-1 on Halloween night. Great job by the men's soccer team, which hasn't lost at home this season.

SB Nation: Did you watch the end of Miami-Duke? WATCH THE END OF MIAMI-DUKE! Wild, disputed college football things that defy logic are the best college football things.