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The Feed Pail November 10, 2015: Leonard Fournette's jersey raised a lot of money, the women's soccer team will host a postseason game this Friday, and more

The Gamecocks have a big weekend ahead

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

TheBigSpur: Fournette jersey auction goes over 100K. The final bid was $101,000 and, as Fournette pledged after the USC-LSU game, the money will goes towards flood relief efforts in South Carolina. It's great that Fournette found a way to use his status as an athlete to help people, and he'll certainly have many fans here in SC for a long time. Also, Elliott has improved the Gamecocks. Shurburtt compares some of the offensive and defensive numbers under Spurrier and Elliott this season. And finally, Blaze Alexander commits to the Gamecocks. Not only is he a great player, but he has a great name. This is a win all the way around for Holbrook and the baseball team.

FoxSports: Orth Playing at High Level for South Carolina.

TheState: USC Recruiting Has Become a Lesson in Hit or Miss. Matt Connolly writes that the football program's current situation began when Carolina failed to match 2011-2013's success on the field with success on the recruiting trail.

GamecocksOnline: Women's Soccer to Host NCAA First Round Match vs. UNC Wilmington! The Gamecocks play this Friday at 6 pm. Plus, South Carolina men's soccer player Koty Millard was named Conference USA Defensive Player of the Week.