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The Feed Pail November 15, 2015: The Gamecocks Have Not Stopped Recruiting

We're reviewing a busy day for the Gamecocks yesterday

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

TheState: South Carolina's Tanner, Elliott deny report of halting recruiting. Tanner and Elliott were asked about South Carolina's recruiting efforts after this report from Fox Sports indicated that the Gamecocks are so close to making a head coaching hire that the current staff was told to stop taking commitments. Also, Gamecocks' season reduced to hope. Cloninger starts this post by pointing out that yesterday's game against Florida followed the pattern of the 2014 and 2015 seasons in that anything good that happened was immediately trumped by something bad. He's right, and it's exhausting to watch.

GamecockCentral: Florida locker room report. Also,Triple threat Cooper sighting Saturday .

Bleacher Report: Florida vs. South Carolina: Game grades, analysis. The Gamecocks get an F on Rush Offense and a C+ on Pass Offense. The rest of the categories earn an A or a B.

Post&Courier: Freshman Silva's solid debut helps Gamecocks pull away in opener. In basketball news, Silva is going to be fun to watch for the next few years.

TheBigSpur: Gamecocks get season-opening victory over Spartans.