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The Feed Pail November 17, 2015: Men's Basketball is 2-0, there's a petition to change the rivalry kickoff time, and more

People are not happy about that noon kickoff

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

TheState: Petition: Change South Carolina-Clemson Kickoff Time. I get the frustration over this season's excess of noon kickoffs, especially from fans that attend the games, but it's hardly a surprise. The better start times are reserved for the better teams and South Carolina simply hasn't done anything to warrant those this season. I highly doubt this petition is going to make anyone change their mind about that. Also, Report Card: USC Secondary Giving 'DB U' a Bad Name. The Gamecocks get an overall grade of D, but Special Teams gets an A!

GamecockCentral: Scott Davis: Hello there. Remember me? Davis reintroduces us to "playing out the string" and urges us to stick with the Gamecocks, even though they have almost nothing left to play for.

GamecockCereal: Fast & Furious Monday morning observations. Rixon Lane gives us 25 thoughts and takeaways from Saturday's game. He liked the helmets but was less impressed with the O-line.

TheBigSpur: Pastides Explains Decision to Keep Paying Spurrier. Apparently the reason is not that we just generally adore the HBC and don't mind giving him money.

Post&Courier: Led by Chatkevicius' career night, USC's inside game proves too much for Oral Roberts. Chat had a big night and the men's basketball team is 2-0!