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The Feed Pail November 19, 2015: Tom Herman looks different in every picture, the men's soccer team hosts a tournament game tonight, and more

Tom Herman comes up in several links today

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

247Sports: The many faces of Tom Herman. Beloved former GABA manager Connor Tapp does some very important investigative journalism into the mystery surrounding potential future South Carolina head coach Tom Herman.

TheState: Tattoos help USC's Matulis chronicle his life and views. This is a really interesting feature on Matulis. Did you know he has a tattoo of Groot!? Plus, 10 Reasons Tom Herman is a hot candidate.

GamecockCereal: Who Wants to be South Carolina's Heach Coach?: Week 5. Dino Babers and Dan Mullen were eliminated this week, so we're down to 4 candidates!

TheBigSpur: Gamecocks improving across the board. Whittle recaps Elliott's brief appearance on the SEC teleconference. Also, Camper working hard heading into first start. This includes a few other notes from Wednesday's practice as well.

GamecockCentral: Wednesday practice quick-hitters. This includes notes from practice and videos.

GamecocksOnline: South Carolina Hosts NCAA 1st Round vs. Furman on Thursday. The men's soccer team hosts a postseason game at 7 tonight! You can head over to Stone Stadium or watch it online.