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GABA Cast Episode 16: Clemson Preview with Blake Cooper

Former Gamecock pitcher Blake Cooper joins us to talk football, life, and what it means to win a National Championship.

burn baby, burn.
burn baby, burn.
Jason Huffines

It's our penultimate college football podcast, which is great because nobody likes football anyway.

This week, Sam and DC3 are joined by Blake Cooper, who took time out of his busy schedule with the Chicago Cubs franchise to talk some Gamecock sports with us.

What's in this episode:

  • Michigan State has a rabbit's foot stuck someplace indecent.
  • Clemson's is stuck so far up there it might be there forever.
  • We discuss how the Citadel's offense treated us like the Vietcong treated General Westmoreland.
  • DC3 loses his mind and starts speaking in one-liners.
  • Blake plays devil's advocate and explains how we might beat the dream team in orange.
  • We ask Blake about his time at Carolina, and what he's dong now.
  • Blake plays Name That Game with Sam.
  • We also break down the the week that was, preview the week that will be, and answer all of the questions you throw our way.

Hope you enjoy the show. As always you can listen below, find us on iTunes, or click here for the direct link to the audio.