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The Feed Pail: Shawn Elliott trying to lighten the mood for South Carolina football; Dawn Staley, Tiffany Mitchell go through the ESPN Car Wash

Three days until Tennessee.

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The StateShawn Elliott trying to bring back fun for Gamecocks. Despite the lack of success for the team, Elliott has been trying to lighten things up - not to distract from the task at hand, of course, but to provide some moments of levity in a season that's been far from ideal. At the very least, the team will be looser and more relaxed going into their final four games. Ples, Gamecocks defense ready for more high tempo; things still unclear at safety. Texas A&M provided some prep for the Gamecocks as the Volunteers will bring a much-higher tempo to the table than the Aggies. Along with that, though D.J. Smith has been listed as the starter at strong safety, Jordan Diggs has been taking snaps with them as well as he figures to see much time in the rotation despite being the #2. Also, a look at special teams Joe Robinson and his successful season in the midst of everything going on with the team, and a new offer - Logan Rudolph.

TBSSmith remains positive despite backup status. Some of what The State touched on, but a little more in-depth on D.J. Smith himself. While he had been designated behind Diggs on the depth chart for much of the season, he has tried to keep his head up and soldier on regardless.

GCQuick hitters from Tuesday's practice, and GC Radio takes a look at the defense and what they need to do to get better. Also, former letterman Matt O'Brien with his thoughts on Saturday. ($)


The women's basketball team was represented in Bristol as some of the top programs appeared on ESPN and across the Family of Networks. The New Haven Register profiled them and the other teams - UConn, Baylor, Maryland and Tennessee - in attendance. Many are predicting that this will be another successful season for the Lady Gamecocks; they might be worth checking out this year if you've got some nights free. If anything, it will be much harder to get a seat than it's been in recent years.

Dawn Staley and Tiffany Mitchell got a great deal of facetime on SportsCenter; the duo also appeared on the SEC Network with Maria Taylor. We've got those videos below courtesy ESPN. (Already eight seasons for Dawn?)

GamecocksOnline(Brian) Steele trades in high tops for coach's whistle. Good to see the former Gamecock staying involved after a knee injury forced him to end his playing career. Also, (Markeshia) Grant continues to make impact for South Carolina (women's) basketball.

Women's Soccer

The StateWomen's soccer enters SEC tournament with confidence. Can the ladies clinch a conference crown? They're in the NCAA tournament regardless, but a conference title likely is more than enough to get them a regional seed and the right to host at least one game at the Graveyard. The Gamecocks open against Auburn today. (Preview from GamecocksOnline)