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GABACAST Episode 18: Here Comes the Boom

Sam and DC3 are talking coaching changes, so this week probably won't be interesting at all.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

The GABA Cast guys are back for another hour of brilliant wit, outstanding conversation, and sparkling repartee. We think.

In this week's episode we're looking mainly into the hire of the new HBC (Head Bill Coach) and what it will mean for the Gamecocks moving forward. However, we've always got time to jump the tracks and talk about random stuff.

In this week's episode:

  • What's the offense going to look like?
  • Who will the new assistant coaches be?
  • What are the player's reactions to the coaching switch?
  • Can we actually recruit the way we hope we can?
  • Did Ray Tanner actually out-fox everyone and hire a great coach?
  • Is looking for a Rolex on the beach with a metal detector a good idea?
  • Should we go to Nashville to watch the Vandy game next season? Side Note: We are definitely going to Greenville next week to watch the men beat Clemson and you should join us.

We also tell the future, answer your Twitter/Email questions, and try to calm y'all down after the hiring of the century that may or may not be a really risky thing to do...

As always, you can listen below, find us on iTunes, or click here to go directly to the BlogTalkRadio link.

Also, enjoy this lovely video: