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South Carolina Gamecocks at Arkansas Razorbacks - TV Time, Preview, Streaming and More

South Carolina tries to build a winning streak for the first time in 2015.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

After such a stellar start to the season, it was frustrating to watch the Gamecocks go through a lull for most of the 2015 calendar year.

Yet Carolina went out and did what makes everyone feel better - whipped up on Georgia. The Gamecocks were deserved 67-50 winners on Saturday, and now head to Arkansas hoping to build on that win.

South Carolina won the game the way you would expect them to - they got great production from their three starting guards, and had huge contributions from elsewhere. With Demetrius Henry and Justin McKie sidelined that day with concussion-like symptoms, it was crucial that everyone contributed, and they did.

So it shall be tonight. Arkansas is a very good team that plays great on their home floor, where their ability to draw fouls takes them from a good team to a very good one. While that means their game doesn't necessarily travel, that's something to discuss in a few weeks when they return this game in Columbia. For tonight, Carolina needs to find a way to avoid foul trouble and to avoid the frantic Arkansas pace from unnerving them as a team.

The game tips off at 9pm ET on SEC Network. You can also stream the action at For our complete preview of the match-up, click here.