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South Carolina Gamecocks National Signing Day 2015: Trey Derouen Commitment Profile

Derouen is not only the most recent commit, but he helps to fill out the offensive line class for 2015.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Name: Trey Derouen

Position: Offensive Guard

Height/Weight: 6'4, 325 pounds

Hometown: Liburn, GA

Rating: 247Sports: Three Star     Rivals: Three Star     ESPN: Three Star

Derouen is the most recent commit in the 2015 class, and is also the final piece of the 2015 offensive line.  He chose the Gamecocks over offers from the Florida Gators, Mississippi State Bulldogs and Louisville Cardinals.  His primary recruiter is listed as G.A Mangus, with Shawn Elliot filling in as a secondary recruiter.


Derouen's biggest strength is his size.  He possesses the ideal size that you want to see from an offensive guard.  Thanks to his massive size, he is able to leverage that into a good amount of strength and pancake most of the defenders who come his way.  He possesses a good burst off the snap and is able to act as a good pass and run blocker.  In passing situations, his high school used him more as a tackle, but he displayed the proper amount of speed need to deal with edge rushers.   As a run blocker, he is able to help open running lanes for the running back.


The biggest weakness for Derouen is that he is not the fastest lineman on the field.  Since he does project as a guard, it is unlikely that this will end up being a huge factor, but he will have issues dealing with quicker players.  He does also need to work on his foot movement, and this could help improve his overall quickness.


Overall, Derouen is a good offensive guard, but as with nearly every offensive linemen recruit for any school, he will need to spend a few years getting stronger and learning the blocking schemes.  He is also playing a position that is fairly deep for the Gamecocks, so Derouen isn't likely to see the field until at least 2017 in my opinion.