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Jon Hoke To Become Defensive Coordinator

Steve Spurrier adds one more big contributor to the 2015 on National Signing Day - a new defensive coordinator.

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ESPN confirms that Jon Hoke - the defensive coordinator for the Florida Gators from 1999-2001 under Steve Spurrier - will return to the college game from a stint in the NFL as defensive coordinator for the South Carolina Gamecocks.  The move comes on National Signing Day.

Spurrier commented throughout the build-up to signing day that, while the Gamecocks would not fire any current coaches, they may look to make a move if one made sense.  Clearly, adding a defensive mind like Hoke represents the type of move that makes perfect sense for a program sorely in need of changes on the defensive end.

Also in keeping with his word, Spurrier told recruits that all of the coaches would have the opportunity to return to Columbia in 2015.  That now means that at least one coach will either depart or will be asked to move into an administrative role.  It's not yet clear what coach may depart or move into an off-field coaching position.

While it's been a long time since Hoke led a defense, the Florida defenses under Spurrier were always sound and there's no reason to think he won't bring a strong defensive scheme to Columbia.  At the least, it should be a marked improvement on the catastrophe that was the 2014 defense.