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#SECBasketballFever Week 11

In which South Carolina continues to fall.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Let's get right to it:

1. Kentucky. I mean, come on.

2. Arkansas. No one wants to go to Fayetteville.

3. Texas A&M. Despite some reasonable reasons for skepticism, their worst loss is a semi-away game against Kansas State.  That's not a bad resume, A&M.

4. Mississippi. Hi, team that lost to Charleston Southern on opening night?  How the heck are we supposed to make sense of you?

5. Georgia. Mark Fox is amazing.

6. LSU. I firmly do not believe in this team given that they're carrying losses to Missouri and Auburn.

7. Florida. It's so stupid they're rated this low.  This team should be so, so much better than it is.

8. Alabama. Amazing in their consistency - their worst loss is to Florida at home but their best win is against A&M or UCLA at home.  Whatever the prediction in Vegas, Alabama delivers.

9. South Carolina. I get that Tennessee and Mississippi State are ahead of them in the standings.  If you want either of those teams in a neutral site game tomorrow, I'd take that bet.

10. Vanderbilt. They finally got a break against the Gators in a close game.  It's too late to help them, but good on the 'Dores.

11. Tennessee. The luckiest 5-4 team in America.

12. Auburn. A very nice win over LSU, but still two years away from mattering.

13. Mississippi State. Congratulations, you're ahead of Missouri!

14. Missouri. If you'd told me when they came over from the Big XII that the Tigers would end up here, I'd have never believed you.