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Dabo Swinney makes unplanned appearance on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Oliver took on the NCAA, and made Dabo collateral damage.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

This weekend on his HBO show, former Daily Show star John Oliver lit into the NCAA, and in particular Dabo Swinney, for saying the following:

As far as paying players in college athletics, that's where you lose me.  I'll go do something else.  Because there's enough entitlement in this world as it is.

Oliver then lights into the Clemson coach, both for his hilarious lack of self-awareness (given his ludicrous contract) and, perhaps more humorously, about the fact that his name is an anagram for Soybean Wind, which he quickly asked the masses to help trend on Twitter using the hashtag #soybeanwind.

He also described Dabo as a man who must be as delightful as an edamame fart, which is about as accurate a description of the Clemson football CEO as we've ever heard.

The entire segment is terrific, and the Dabo parts kick in around the 14:30 mark.  Watch it all here: