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Gamethread, Game 3: Carolina vs A&M

Ok guys, this is it. This is probably Carolina's last stand. The Alamo, Thermopylae, or any other battle you want to use as a metaphor. Want some good news? The Texans/Americans and the Greeks won their respective conflicts. So, yea, there's some hope for us. Kinda.


Alright guys, yesterday was pretty heartbreaking. You should never score 14 runs and lose. After Schmidt got off to an excellent start through 3 innings, Jerry Meyer's pitching staff was rocked from the 4th inning on. It is a general consensus around the country that Carolina likely needs to take this series and next weekend against LSU to make the NCAA's. Well, their backs are against the wall. Will Carolina respond? Or will they fold under pressure? Let's talk about it.

P.S. Make sure you spend time with that special mother figure in your life. Carolina baseball may stink, but remember that it's just a game and some things are bigger than baseball. Love you mom! Thank you for all you do!