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Steve Spurrier SEC Teleconference, via Google Translate

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Securities and Exchange Commission was unable to get into the camp teachers.

American character is going to be the last bastion of the faith.
American character is going to be the last bastion of the faith.
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Steve Spurrier's SEC Media Day comments from September 7, 2014, translated to various languages and back. Source material.

Opening Statement:
(English to Yiddish to Macedonian to English)

Well, yes. Me salvaged very mediocre season by winning three of our last four or else winning another bowl game for four consecutive years. We're sitting around here in the dumps, that's for sure. We also understand we have to play a whole lot better on offense, defense and kicking game next year.

God new defensive coach John hake come to be the coordinator Lorenzo Ward. I think by spring practice, we have arranged better. We were a little more organized in which all the guys know what to do. We think we will play much better defense. We struggled a lot last year. You do not have any defenders devices, so we are not as talented as we have been here. That's one big reason, I think we're 6-7.

Offensiveli [sic], we did some good things, but late in the game, sometimes we are not able to stay on the field and move the ball. And we did not stop the other team. But last year is history and we are trying to improve. We've made some changes and we are looking forward to the upcoming season.

How is the co-coordinator system going to work?
(English to Hmong to Slovenian to Thai to Uzbek to Urdu to English)

Hoke had to call him John. This can be carried out in the past seven middle and Lorenzo. But John Hoke defense, games and more about the programs, and the other two are very active. But John Hoke to call the shots.

What made you feel like you wanted to add Hoke?
(English to Malayalam to Telugu to Hebrew to English)

If you play for us last year, we are fighting to protect. We have given up more points than any team in the yards of South Carolina. We had to make some changes. What should a coach. I Arkansas, Bret Bielema, sometimes, what defensive coordinator there will be change, I think. They were struggling protection is one of the best in the country last year. What we do, we have a good team this year is really going on. Something does not work as well as we know what the head coach, it will make. "Hey, make some changes. Say."

The SEC has a graduate transfer rule that makes it harder for SEC schools to get them in than some other schools. Do you think it puts SEC schools at a disadvantage?
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I do not believe much trouble. Obviously, a coach, I think we have the same rules and other conventions. The players may be something else, and satellite camp is expected to come to the North and South. Securities and Exchange Commission was unable to get into the camp teachers. I want all the rules, but we, in my opinion.

Did you see anything this spring in the defense that gives you confidence you can rush the passer?
(English to Icelandic to Javanese to Yoruba to Bosnian to Simplified Chinese to Punjabi to English)

Here are the players, Marquavius Lewis, we really American character is going to be the last bastion of the faith. Many more players in the summer, some of the young students, we believe this will help. We have a little different music. You can be a little more Blitz scheme. We do something different this coming will try.