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Carolina vs LSU Gamethread, Game 3

It's the rubber match of the biggest series of the year for Carolina. This is an absolute must win. Let's proceed to lose our minds over it.

We'll probably see this guy pitch at some point tonight
We'll probably see this guy pitch at some point tonight

We lost last night. It's ok, it happens. Jerry Meyers is suspended due to his ejection from the game last night. But this team, despite it's generally crappy season, has placed some faith (shaky faith) in me that they will at least be competitive. When we were down 7-1 last night I found myself believing the offense would break out at any moment (and it very well might have if DC didn't hit into a rally killing double play with the bases loaded). Maybe history will be on our side, as the last time we played LSU in a rubber match, we sent a little known freshman out to the mound. And he proceeded to spin a gem to help us clinch a big series W back in 2013.

Obviously there is way more uncertainty with this team than there was back in 2013. But, hopefully our players having their backs against the wall, the home crowd, and the emotion of the last home game of the year will spur (see what I did there?) them on to victory. Now, if you're a Debbie Downer and need to get pumped up, here is your pre-game dose of Sandstorm. Yea, it's a football video, but you get the point.

Everything seems to be working against the Gamecocks tonight, but I hope you guys are as ready as I am. Let's start the chant. GAME!