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Carolina vs Mizzou Gamethread

We need a big run in Hoover (brb, gonna go cry hysterically), to make a run at a NCAA tournament berth. First up: Missouri. Beatable, but they took 2 of 3 from the Gamecocks during the season. Let's talk incoherently about it.


The SEC Tournament Preview is up, the USC vs Mizzou preview is ready to read. Now all we can do is cheer our Gamecocks on to victory against a pretty tough Missouri team. Unfortunately for us, Carolina lost the regular season series to Missouri, however, the two games we lost were very winnable if we had just hit a bit better and not made silly errors. Luckily for Carolina, we will be sending Jack Wynkoop to the mound. Until we played Texas A&M and LSU, the best two offensive teams in the SEC, Jack was absolutely dealing. It's do or die time folks. I've only got one thing to say. DO THE THING, CAROLINA

Prediction: USC 5 Missouri 1