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When you look at this roster. Where do you see a position battle taking place?

Blink your eye and football season will be here. So, what will be the biggest competition on this roster?

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Gamecock fans, we live in a football world that is competitive. The QB has to be protected. The receiver has to make plays, the running back has to violently bust through gigantic angry defensive linemen. We've got a lot of new defensive guys on the roster, some interesting battles going around the quarterbacks too. The truth is we need good players, but there is one starter for each position. Who's going to do it?

A simple question but with a lot of possibilities, right?

So, if you had to place a bet, where is the fierce position battle and who do you think will be the starter. What position, who is the player to watch, or who is the dark horse?