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Max Schrock Taken by Nationals in 13th Round

Despite having a fairly productive junior season, Max fell below his draft projections. He now has a big decision to make.


After being projected as a 4th or 5th round pick, Max fell all the way to the 13th round of the MLB Draft. All draft picks outside of the first 10 rounds are capped to a maximum $100,000 signing bonus. Even though Max managed to hit .354 with 7 homeruns this year, injuries seem to be a concern for him in the eyes of scouts, and he stands to receive a small signing bonus; if he receives one at all.

Luckily for Carolina fans, it seems Max is leaning towards following KMart's lead and returning for his senior season. If this is indeed the end of Max's career at USC, he will finish with some impressive numbers. So far Max has hit .302 with 17 homers and 93 RBI's. He also managed to tack on a solid 26 stolen bases, just for good measure.

If Max hopes to make the big club, he will need to prove he can be a consistent fielder. At times this year, Max looked really bad at both second base and out in left field. However, he proved to be capable of making more than just the routine plays. Hopefully this season was just a blip on the radar for him defensively.

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