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MLB Draft Profile: Max Schrock

Max weighs his options as the Major League Draft looms


Despite getting off to a slow start in the 2015 season, Schrock had a very strong finish. He managed to hit .328/.419/.500 despite fighting several injuries and hitting under .250 for for the first quarter of the season. He was also able to hit 6 homeruns, drive in 34 runs, and hit 11 doubles on his way to an All-SEC 2nd team selection. Max has a pretty high upside talent wise. Out of high school he was projected as a possible top 5 round draft pick if he had been considered signable. Instead, because of his firm commitment to Carolina, he was taken in the 28th round by the Diamondbacks. While at Carolina he has drawn comparisons to current big MLB player Tommy La Stella. La Stella, while not a superstar player in the big leagues, is a solid contributor on the Chicago Cubs and previously the Atlanta Braves.

While Max has average speed, he is a very good baserunner. Although he is not a threat to steal, he is usually able to take the extra base on a basehit. While solid with the bat, Schrock sometimes botches seemingly routine plays in the field. He seems to often pull his head and his glove up too soon on hard hit ground balls. This erratic play could force him to move to left field in his pro career, as he does not possess great arm strength.

Projection: Max will likely be taken in the top 20 rounds. However, which specific round is up in the air, as most don't know how his injury history will effect his draft stock. If taken and if he signs, I see Max at worst becoming a regular at the AAA level. However, I do have a feeling that if he is not taken exceptionally high, he will follow KMart's lead and return for his senior year to improve his draft projections (please stay, Max. You're our only hope.)