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Wynkoop drafted by the Rockies

Carolina's ace was taken in the 6th round by the Colorado Rockies. Which likely means Wynkoop will join the professional ranks.


Fortunately for Jack, despite him being taken later than some expected, he will still likely receive a signing bonus of around $300,000. Unfortunately for us, this means Jack will likely not be returning to USC for his senior season (money talks).

However, if Jack were to come back and put on a show his senior season, he could likely vault himself into the top 2 or 3 rounds of the 2016 MLB Draft. Obviously, this would be a huge deal for the Carolina baseball program. Despite being put under enormous pressure this season as Carolina's only healthy consistent weekend starter, he still managed to go 8-5, post a solid 3.27 ERA, and pitch 104 2/3 innings.

As a tall composed lefty, Wynkoop has the body and "makeup" that pro scouts dream of. He has an above average fastball to go with a plus change up, and also presents an average slider and a below average slider. Wynkoop will need to continue to prove that he can get batters out depending on baseball IQ, composure, and mixing speeds. For more draft coverage on Jack, go check out our sister site Purple Row.