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2015 SEC Media Days: Skai Moore Hates on Clemson and Expresses Confidence in the Defense

Moore talks about his distaste for the Tigers of Clemson and Missouri and sings the praises of the HBC

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Junior linebacker Skai Moore has led the Gamecocks in tackles in each of the last two seasons and is looking to continue to be a play maker on defense. He also knows exactly what to say to endear himself to Gamecock fans.

On playing for Spurrier:

It's great. He's a lively coach and there's never a dull moment with him. He's definitely a player's coach, so he's always looking out for us.

I just think he loves it. Loves football, loves being around it. He just enjoys it that much....[Speculation about him retiring has] never really been a distraction for us.

You would never guess that Coach Spurrier is 70 just by the way he acts...He's basically like one of us out there, so yeah, we love Coach.

He has thrown the ball around in practice some...He still has a pretty good arm. He can get the ball down the field at least, so not that bad.

On Hoke joining the coaching staff:

He has brought in intensity and effort. He's always preaching that we're gonna be the number one effort team in the SEC...Coach Hoke will be calling the shots on defense.

On the defense and improving from last season:

Last year was a season that we didn't expect. Just a lot of inexperienced players...This year with the experience and confidence we should definitely be a top defense in the country.

Just finishing games, we let a lot of them slip last year. We definitely should have been more of a 10 win team than 7-6.

Defense is definitely where [turning it around] starts...We have to have a strong defense to support the new young offense, so the defense just has to be on point this year.

On what player he is looking forward to facing:

Maty Mauk, honestly right now. Because us and Missouri really don't have that great of a relationship, we really don't like each other and he was talking some trash during the game, so I'll definitely be looking for him...Just talking a little bit too much, so we got something for him when we see him in Missouri.

On LSU coming to Columbia and the real Death Valley:

The real Death Valley is in LSU, definitely not Clemson. [LSU] coming to Willy B is going to be a big factor. I feel like our fans are the loudest in the SEC and we just have great support and Willy B is gonna be booming that night.

On annoying traditions:

Probably that Clemson "we too deep" thing. That's something I really don't like at all so that's probably the most annoying thing that I hear.

On Gamecock fans:

We feel like we have the best fans in the SEC. Like I said before, Willy B is usually loud every Saturday and we love it. They help us out so much and we feed off the fans and we just love their support.