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2015 SEC Media Days: Elliott Fry Can Handle the Pressure

#Freisman talks about keeping his diabetes under control and playing golf with Spurrier

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Elliott Fry walked on at South Carolina his freshman year and earned the starting kicking job. Now entering his junior year, he is a fan favorite and had the opportunity to represent the Gamecocks in Hoover.

On participating in football despite his diabetes:

It kinda presents a little bit of a challenge for me. While a lot of people, especially being a kicker you know, a lot of my game is mental. When everyone is going out there preparing for the game and trying to get acclimated I'm not only having to do that but I have to check my blood sugar, make sure that's in control. I obviously can't be in a situation where I'm going out to kick a field goal and my blood sugar is low or high or out of control. I have to have a pretty tight leash on that during the game because that could obviously effect a really bad way.

On using his platform as a successful collegiate athlete to encourage others:

I've talked to a lot of kids and a lot of parents about playing collegiate sports with diabetes...I talk to a lot of kids, as many as I can...I get messages from parents who are too scared to let their kids play sports because of the effects of I've talked with a lot of parents, telling them that it's okay. You can do anything you want as long as you keep it under control.

On how well he can deal with pressure during games:

As far as pressure in a game, that's kind of what kickers do, that's their specialty is blocking out bad kicks and even blocking out good kicks. You know, it doesn't matter what your last kick was, it matters what your next kick is gonna be.

On what he needs to improve:

A big thing I'm working on is my longer field goals...that's definitely what I'm focusing on during the offseason is staying consistent and trying to work those in as well.

On playing in College Station this year:

I got a lot of family that goes to A&M, a lot of friends, so that'll be a pretty cool experience for me. I grew up a huge Texas Longhorn fan so I've never really liked the Aggies, so that'll be cool to actually go back and play at Kyle Field.

On what it's like to have Spurrier as a coach:

It's really random. I really like Coach Spurrier, he's a funny guy. A lot of it's just walking around the facilities, just joking around.

On something he'd like to do with Spurrier:

Play a round of golf! I've been really into golf lately and he's a golfer. I think that'd be pretty cool, to go play a round with the Head Ball Coach.