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Wesley Green leaves the team, two more players get scholarships and more

In a pretty surprising development, Wesley Green has left the team. But there was some good news as two players, Darius Paulk and Rod Talley, both received full scholarships today.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Defensive Backfield Takes a Hit:

Well, Wesley Green has decided to leave the program. This was a pretty surprising thing, at least for people not on the inside of the program, as Wesley seemed to be primed to make an impact on the defense this year. He came to USC in the same class as Chris Lammons, as a 4 star prospect, and will leave without ever playing a down. We at GABA wish Wesley all the luck in the world moving forward.

Congrats to Rod Talley and Darius Paulk:

These two guys received scholarships today. It's always neat to see unheralded guys work hard and get rewarded with a scholarship. Congratulations to those two.

Scholarship Breakdown:

Here is a scholarship breakdown from GamecockCentral, if you're interested in seeing who has a scholarship by position and by recruiting class.

Revised Practice Schedule:

According to GamecocksOnline, the rest of this week's practice schedule has been slightly changed. Tomorrow the team will open practice at 8:30 AM. That practice is closed to the public.

Tuesday - 8:30 AM

Wednesday - 8:30 AM

Thursday - 8:30 AM

Friday - 8:30 AM

Saturday - 5 PM (Scrimmage at Williams-Brice; maybe this one will be open, not sure yet)

Sunday - No practice, Colonial Life Arena and Convention Center Fan Appreciation Day begins at 1 PM