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QB updates (sort of), injury updates, and opposite day

Still no separation between the QB's, Pharoh is back, and it's opposite day

#BashAndDash is coming soon, folks
#BashAndDash is coming soon, folks
Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Injury Updates:

Well guys, looks like Pharoh Cooper is back at 100%. So breathe a sigh of relief, Phay-roh is here. Also Jonathan Walton, a key cog for our defense this year, is back from his injury and it's good to see him back on the field. Players that were in yellow jerseys today were: Taylor Stallworth, Gerald Dixon, Connor Redmond, Antoine Wilder and Will Sport.

Quarterback Battle:

It seems Michael Scarnecchia believes he can win the QB battle this off-season, but G.A. Mangus still doesn't seem to think there is much separation yet.

Also in light of the Jet's hilarious incident yesterday Spurrier wants you to know something...

So at least we know, despite our apparent inability to have a starting QB so far this year, none of our defensive players are picking fights with our QB(s).

Opposite Day:

Well guys Spurrier came out and said, in a comedic way, what no coach has ever said before. Long live the HBC


Just in case you didn't know, GABA rebooted it's podcast last night. DC3 and I talked about everything from the doldrums of the offseason, to the terrible-ness of the 2014-2015 athletic year and more! So while you're sitting at work with nothing to do or if you're in the car tired of listening to the same generic stuff on the radio, give us a listen. We tried not to be terrible.