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Lorenzo Nunez will "get a chance" this season; all signs pointing to Connor Mitch as Gamecocks starter?

Steve Spurrier delivered a bit of insight into the continuously developing QB battle after Monday's practice.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like the South Carolina Gamecocks' quarterback battle may be a little closer to being ironed out. Steve Spurrier gave the media some insight as to how things will look during the season, and confirmed what we expected: Lorenzo Nunez will indeed find himself on the depth chart as the season begins.

The QBs

Upon further review, Spurrier didn't think the QBs were as bad as they first appeared in the scrimmage. One of the more key tidbits to come out, though, was the fact that Nunez will play a significant role during the 2015 season and will not be redshirted, but he won't be a starter. We figured this was the case since Spurrier had mentioned working Nunez in during Wildcat formations alongside Pharoh Cooper.

That's not good news for Michael Scarnecchia, who just may find himself on the outside looking in at the quarterback competition. If you read between the lines, and take Saturday's scrimmage into consideration, that just might be the best evidence yet that Connor Mitch will be starting on September 3 (barring a major charge from Perry Orth). The team plans to cut the QB reps before settling on a final three, which, presumably, would be Mitch-Orth-Nunez as it stands right now.

Injury Report

Good news for a couple of walking wounded: Gerald Dixon and Taylor Stallworth returned to the field after sitting out the previous sessions. Dixon has been nursing an injured leg, while Stallworth has been battling an injured pectoral muscle since spring.