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Steve Spurrier Names Connor Mitch South Carolina Gamecocks' Starting QB

We kind of all saw this coming

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Well guys, this was kind of expected right? The 6-foot-3 210 pound former highly touted recruit out of Raleigh, NC has claimed what the fans thought was his for the taking. While Mitch has only completed 2 passes in his college career, he did throw for over 12,000 yards, good for second in North Carolina history, during his high school days. While it wouldn't be a complete shock if Mitch handled himself well and asserted himself firmly into the stating role, it also would be less of a surprise if he is replaced at some point if he struggles.

I would like to point out that The Rubber Chickens accurately stated that Mitch would be named the starter soon in their "Straight Poop - Inside the Insiders" article. So a shoutout to those guys for accurately calling the starter. Even if it wasn't in the most orthodox of ways.

Also, according to Gamecock Central Mitch will be available to the media tonight after practice. Should be an interesting interview to listen to. Always good to see if the guy can establish himself well with the media so soon after being named starter.

We will have updates for you guys as they come in. Stay tuned.