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Spurrier talks QB situation, how they determine who starts, and more

Steve had some conversation about Lorenzo Nunez, how they determine starters and more!

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Quarterback Situation:

Well, it seems that Spurrier is quite impressed with Lorenzo Nunez. Saying that he knows more about the playbook than, "most normal freshmen..." and he does well at "staying in the pocket." I've got to say this shouldn't come as any shock to Carolina fans. We know that he is highly rated coming in and has lots of upside. It'll be interesting to see how he fares when full contact in practice begins and at the first scrimmage.

Connor Mitch was asked what his focus was over the summer and he replied that he just wants to learn the playbook as best he can and it's up to Spurrier to decide if he has performed well enough to start.

You can take a look at clips from the interviews with Spurrier, Orth, Mitch and Nunez here.


Steve talked about how the coaches determine who starts and who doesn't start. When you think about what he said it makes a lot of sense. He basically said the players decide who plays by their level of performance in practice. Find the interview right here.


Stray/Random Observations:

It's always good to get some hand gestures and Clemson comments from the HBC

GoGamecocks also posted a pretty good recap of practice. What caught my eye is that Perry Orth, Landon Ard, and Drew Williams all were placed on scholarship fairly recently. Another thing that was interesting is Everette Sand has named Brandon Wilds as the starting runningback over David Williams, however it seems like it's closer to a RB1A and RB1B situation rather than a RB1 and RB2 type of deal.

Bonus Material:

The players REALLY like the new practice jerseys and Mike Bianchi had a flaming hot take on Steve Spurrier and the future of the program.