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GABACast: We Got a Podcast, Y'all!

After much deliberation, backroom discussions, and intense conversation we decided to do you all a great service (or it might make your ears bleed, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it): We are bringing you what is soon to be the most in-depth blog based podcast known the man: GABACast

In the ever growing need for social media expansion, the staff at GABA have decided to bring you something of great value. A GABA podcast is on the way to your living room, your work place, the car while on a long road trip to an away Gamecocks game, or even while you're en route to Williams Brice!

This has been something that we on the GABA staff have wanted to set up and get rolling. And it turns out DC3_TWEETS and myself are the perfect(?) candidates to bring you GABACast!

In the annals of GABA history, long before the meteoric rise of social media, two courageous writers here hosted the HalfCockedShow. The legendary Connor Tapp and the ever mysterious Feathered Warrior consistently brought you intuitive and funny insights into Gamecock sports. While Connor has moved on to bigger and better things, and the Feathered Warrior is wondering if he still has posting rights here, DC and I are going to bring back to you what you live for, us rambling incoherently about Gamecock sports. We hope you're ready...because we certainly are and I can promise you one thing: We will rock your way or another. So tell your family, your friends, tell the boss that annoys you at work. Let us know what features you would like to see in comments. We are still trying to work the kinks out and we want to tailor your listening experience to you.

Get ready guys. Cause #GABACASTCOMIN'