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Steve Spurrier has fun with the media boys, Jon Hoke talks about his defense and more

Steve Spurrier, Jon Hoke and several players met with the media today after the 3rd fall practice session

The dance you do when you realize opening day is that one day closer!
The dance you do when you realize opening day is that one day closer!
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Injury update:

So it looks like Rico McWilliams and Jonathan Walton, two guys that I think are pretty important to the defense this year, are back in the full swing of things. While I don't think their injuries were ever serious, you never know how long nagging injuries will hang around. So it's good to see them out there running around and "so forth."

Quarterback Situation:

Perry Orth seems like a leveled headed guy and a hard worker. He may, self-admittedly, not have the most talent, but it's good to know we have a guy like this on our sideline.

Defensive Updates:

Jon Hoke spoke to the press after practice today about his defense. He sees improvement in the technique by his guys and hopes he doesn't have to announce any "leaders" because he wants the defensive unit to perform as a single entity.

Sorry about the short recap today guys. Work is kind of hectic and we're put at a disadvantage by not being able to attend practice. I will say if you want to see full interviews with Spurrier, Hoke, Skai, Walton and some other guys go here.

We are now one more practice session closer to the first game!