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Get that grill fired up! Nothing beats a great tailgate party!

Thou shalt grill everything from andouille sausage to wings this season. It's time to upgrade your tailgate party or gameday grill this season and serve some amazing food.

Bro. Seriously. You got season tickets and bought some new garb but no grub? Get real. This year is going to be a lot different and we're all going to need to step up our game. That means REAL food at tailgate parties. Not those crapsnacks you picked up at the deli department on your way to the beer isle.

Gamecocks. Listen to me careFULLY. We are in this together. The season is upon us and it's time invest in making it a whole heckava lot better with some AWEsome tailgating food, items and drinks. No more of that deli cold greasy fried chicken. A N D PUH-lease stop trying to grill those tasteless hotdogs with a plastic fork there Sparky.

Right here and right now, we are on Cockaboose countdown because EVERY week I'll have some GREAT tailgating treats, tricks and tips for each game. You, my friend(s), are going to become gods and goddesses of the grill this season. They shall know your name and for you to join their tailgate party.

Here are some menu items this season: Bacon infused chicken bites, best-ever hamburgers, pulled pork (easy-peasy), perfect pork tenderloins, BBQ shrimp and grits, wings, grilled veggies and as always beer of the week (pairing it with the meal of course). Folks, get prepared! Each game get on with amazing recipes and shenanigans here at GABA!


Hold your spatula up and let's pledge:

I, (state your name), hereby pledge allegiance to this grill, and to the Gamecocks for which it stands, one nation, indivisible with food and drinks for all. Amen.

Last thing. If you're at home watching the game or at a tailgate, it's all about the experience. We may have a great football season. Or a bad one. But, let's make the tailgate party a memorable one.

Go Cocks!

grilled wings - tailgate for usc vs auburn