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G.A. Mangus weighs in on the QB battle, injury updates, and more

G.A. touched on the QB situation, we got an update on Pharoh Cooper's sprain and other injuries

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Injury Update:

Well it looks like Pharoh has a sprained hand. EVERYBODY PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But seriously, he's going to be ok, guys. I'm sure that with the proper care from the training staff and rest he'll be full go for the UNC game. Plus maybe there's a silver lining here as it allows our other, inexperienced receivers to get some meaningful reps with the 1st team offense.

Quarterback Update:

First, let's view some vines of Mitch and Nunez throwing the ball around.

So Coach Mangus spoke with the media after practice today about his QB's. Basically we heard the same thing we've been hearing. "Nunez looked good." "Orth looked good and did some things." We're not being told much. At this pace, I would still bet that Mitch is our starter come opening day, but I'm sure we'll know a lot more after the scrimmage tomorrow.

Wide Receivers:

Shamier Jeffery is graduating tomorrow. Our congratulations go out to Shamier on a job well done!

And it looks like (tweet above this) that some of the young guys have made an impression on Spurrier Jr. Hopefully they can keep developing because Pharoh is gonna need some help out there.

Scrimmage Tomorrow:

Looks like the scrimmage tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM will be open to the public. This will be a good opportunity for us non-official media people to get a look at the team.