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The Feed Pail: September 10, 2015

Pop quiz!

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

The State: How well do you know the new Hall of Fame class? Even if you fail this quiz you'll get to learn a few new things!

ESPN: You can watch the SEC Film room break down tape on the defense or watch the HBC himself discuss talk about the Gamecocks.

The Big Spur: Sterling Sharpe still loves the Gamecocks.

Today's U: Consecutive wins over South Carolina would thrill Kentucky. Meanwhile, consecutive losses to Kentucky would horrify South Carolina. I'm very much in favor of not losing on Saturday.

AJC: Les Miles has something to say about the number of ranked SEC teams. He might be joking but he also might really believe in the Gamecocks.

WLTX: In women's basketball news, a former USC player is the new head coach at her hometown college. Shout-out to Shannon Johnson for being a star at both my high school and my college, even if her playing days were a little before my time.