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Chris Lammons expected to miss Saturday's game vs. Kentucky

Yet another Gamecock suffers significant injury in practice.

Chris Lammons will likely miss the game Saturday evening (7:30 pm) versus the University of Kentucky Wildcats.

Lammons, who played a fairly significant role against UNC last Thursday, logging a team second-best five tackle outing, was listed as doubtful by defensive co-coordinator Lorenzo Ward due to a nagging rib injury. However, on this evening's Carolina Calls show, Coach Spurrier stated that he was out with a twisted knee. No matter the issue, the injury to Lammons leaves a discernable hole in the secondary. It also underscores the need for the Gamecocks to capitalize on the relative depth that currently exists in the CB/S/DB positions.

We have the bodies, but do we have another player willing to step up and contribute the way that Lammons did in the opening game? We've got a deep secondary, but, Lammons' hard work has just begun to pay off on the field. We're not very long in the tooth on tackling specialists; heck, we're not even very good at tackling, period. Hopefully the issue isn't debilitating and we see Chris back in pads very soon.

More details as we learn of them.