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The Feed Pail: September 15, 2015

Rockin' with the Cocks, USC ... Rockin' with the Cocks, you and me.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

The State: Report Card: Grading the Gamecocks in loss to Kentucky.  I think Cloninger is too hard on the DL and not hard enough on the LBs and DBs.  Plus -Richt says the Gamecocks will be dangerous coming off a loss.

Gamecock Central: Spurrier talks Mitch, Nunez, Georgia by Scott Hood. Probably the best and deepest recap of the Monday teleconference, so read it all. Still no satisfactory explanation for me why Connor Mitch was allowed to play with an infection requiring hospitalization. Does anybody have insight on this?  Plus - Scott Davis thinks its time for a Group Hug, Gamecocks.  A magnificent, rambling, off-topic cri de coeur by Scott, who says he's been a fan for 30 years. I'm at about 28 myself so I totally get where he's coming from... but if anything I think he's too upbeat. Heh.

Orangeburg Times & Democrat: 5 things learned from USC-Kentucky by (the ubiquitous) Scott Hood.

Post & Courier: Former walk-on Perry Orth prepares to lead underdog Gamecocks into No. 7 Georgia by David Caraviello. Who needs to recruit when SEC caliber guys come to you on their own dime? Amiriteorwhat? It will be fine. Wait and see.

The Big Spur: J.C. Shurburtt lists Five things to like about Perry Orth.

Gamecock Cereal: Is Lorenzo Nunez the answer? Podcast with Emerson Phillips, Corey Boyd and Derek Watson? Really?  I have to get analysis from Garcia and Watson? Crikey.  Is this some sort of cosmic retribution that two of the biggest flame-outs in school history now explain how the new Gamecocks are succeeding or not?

Anderson Independent-Mail: Gamecocks' Mitch join long list of injured QBs.

Garnet & Cocky: Gamecocks Defense Is A Jekyll and Hyde Act and How Changing the Culture at SC Hurt Steve Spurrier.

DawgNation: Steve Spurrier worried about QB play, Georgia’s Nick Chubb.  An interesting UGA take on the HBC's teleconference remarks.

GeorgiaSportsBlog: Some pre-Gamecock Nuggets.  I had to dredge this up from the day before yesterday. It's kind of All Quiet on the Western Front out there in Trans-Savannah. That has me a wee bit concerned.

The Big Lead: And so it begins. Again. Steve Spurrier is 70, South Carolina is Bad, So Who's Getting the Job? Gamecocks vs Kentucky Gallery.

Gamecock Fanatics: George Rogers Statue Unveiling. If you don't know a lot about Big George, then watch this. Speaking of unveiling - New Kyle Field takes fans' breath away. Oh, goody! That doesn't look the least bit intimidating. Razorback Stadium in Little Rock (Fayettevile - dang I hate when I make that mistake) was a dump and hard-to-get-to. I continue to praise the genius of Dr. Pastides, Ray Tanner and the HBC in finding us a far more suitable, rich and upscale x-division opponent - one who can afford to build a monster new stadium out of their operating account.  And because we're such swell guys, we don't recruit Texas so we're nice guests (Ed - we recruit?).  Also -SEC Week 2 Power Rankings: Stock down for Arkansas, Auburn. Bielema runs his mouth against the Buckeyes, loses to MAC middleweight Toledo at Little Rock (Fayettevile) 12-16 and we're still behind the Hogs? Are you kidding me, Ostendorf? It's SEC West bias, Pawwwl!

Saturday Down South: Barry Switzer: ‘Age nothing to do with Spurrier getting his ass beat’. Hate to say it, but I have to concur with that old dinosaur, Switzer. Its not age. It's desire.  Also - In an impassioned piece, Chris Dorworth argues that the SEC needs to repeal "Gameday Prohibition" immediately. I'm against it; there are enough drunks inside W-B already. I used to be one of them so I am the voice of experience. It's one thing to sneak it in (or stock your box or zone locker). It's another to sell it.  Agree or disagree?



Is the song in this video the very "Rockin' with the Cocks" that Lou Holtz commissioned for the 2001 season in his disdain for "Step to the Rear" (and at some expense if I recall correctly)?  Ignore the fact that the video montage is from 2013 Capital One Bowl.

I remember being at the Boise State game in '01 with my bride and the most cacophonous, petruscene and feculent spirit song that I'd ever heard was incessantly blared from the stadium loudspeakers like it was the new 2001. In spite of this, we somehow managed to beat Dan Hawkins' and Chris Peterson's Broncos 32-13 [Ed. - curiously, neither of those guys ever talk about getting smoked by USC when they would later toot the BSU-against-SEC horn].

If it is the same song, then in Orwellian fashion all traces of this misbegotten chalkboard-scratching were flushed down the memory hole by the time we returned from our successful two game road trip (taking down #25 UGA and #17 MSU) and played Bama in the 37-36 thriller.  As far as I can tell, this is the only version I can find on the net (and for Heaven's sake don't try to search for it at work! Nooooooo!).

You think I am exaggerating when I say it was suppressed, eh? Then check out the only written record I can find at the bottom of the USC Library The South Carolina Music Collection - Box 1, Folder 43 "Confidential Memo from the USC Development Research Office about USC's new spirit song, 'Rockin' with the Cocks'." I am going to have to fire off a Freedom of Information Act letter!

But, first, is it the same song and not some newer interloper? Please comment if you know.

PPS - Since I actually share Lou's aversion to Step to the Rear, why oh why couldn't we have gone back to The Old Fight Song?