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South Carolina vs Georgia Bulldogs: Throw The Ball?!

The beauty of Gamecock's offense is the running game. So it makes complete sense to hand it off and run it up the middle, right? Wrong! We need to pass more. Yeah. Pass more.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I live in Georgia. I'm surrounded by a sea of UGA fans with fat dips, budding facial hair, cranking Jason Aldean and staring me down through their Costa Del Mar sunglasses whenever I wear Gamecock hat or shirt. Everyone of em' still spittin' mad from last year's loss. Haha! Oh Yeah, it's going to be a tough game. Night. Hostile. And, L-O-U-D.  As you walk to Sanford stadium, anticipate some smart-assery fer sure brah. But, here's the deal Sparky. We are the underdog. We are supposed to lose this game. A 17.5 spread?. Are we that bad?! No we are not. Do I think we lose this game? Yes. Do I think we can win this game. YES! Hear me out.

Last year was last year. We won but not without controversy. And if you remember, we tried running the ball. It did not work so well for Mike Davis, 17 attempts and only 66 yards. Brandon Wilds did better with 14 attempts and getting 96 yards plus a TD. We fought hard to get those 176 yards on the ground. However, Jeremy Pruitt will try to stop Wilds from running up the middle. This will be one of the toughest (if not the toughest) defenses in the East. That's why we need to come out and punch the Bulldogs right in the nose with a balanced attack.

Just how do we get that balanced attack you ask? Good question. Dawgs have a young secondary but extremely fast. Orth will need to dink and dunk it to create some space. Don't hang on to the ball. Don't get sacked. But that also means no dropped passes, fumbles and interceptions. Hopefully we can see guys like Deebo Samuel and Terry Googer get some more action.

Coach Spurrier will have a special package drawn up for UGA. I expect a healthy dose of the wildcat using Lorenzo Nunez and the unstoppable Pharoh Cooper. Furthermore, our OL is good but they need to create some lanes for Wilds and Shon Carson. Those lanes will come if we can get the passing game going.

Of course, I haven't said anything that we already haven't heard, read, or complained about here on GABA. But the truth is this, we are not supposed to win. Look, we have a history of upsetting UGA. So, expect a barnyard brawl y'all. This is going to be a fun game to watch. It always is.