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The Feed Pail: September 18, 2015

We sure have had some fun games against Georgia over the last few years

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Spur: Gamecocks hype video for UGA. This has a bunch of highlights of fun moments against the Bulldogs. Hi, Melvin Ingram and Jadeveon Clowney. Miss you.

ESPN SEC Blog: Oral History: South Carolina vs. Georgia 2014. In years to come this game probably won't be remembered much due to how miserable the rest of the season was, but it was a ridiculous amount of fun.

Gamecock Cereal: History Lesson: Georgia. The last game that Rixon looks at here is 2012, so excuse me while I go watch some highlights and daydream about what a perfect night of football that was.

The Rubber Chickens: Transitive Property Report Week 2. TRC is always worth a read and this is a fair assessment of our opponents.

Gamecock Central: Gamecocks preparing for balanced attack. This has a few notes from practice and a rundown of what Hoke had to say afterwards. The Gamecocks have to be ready for Chubb, but they have to be prepared to stop Georgia from throwing it as well.

The Post and Courier: With Orth starting, the story of the week is the large role that walk-ons are playing at USC right now. Also, Spurrier says Nunez will play against Georgia.

And a bonus, non-football P&C link: Gamecocks open fall baseball practice. This nicely sums up what Holbrook said as USC prepares for the new season. He knows we fell short of expectations and the team will work hard to make sure it doesn't happen again.