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The Feed Pail: September 20, 2015

Half-a-hundred: The Sins of the Visor are visited upon the Gamecocks, even to the third and fourth generation.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

SportsInsight: Tweets Brandon Wilds is questionable for UCF. Sigh.

The Big Spur: Overmatched Gamecocks get ‘clobbered’ by Bulldogs by John Del Bianco. Would you have thought the following stats were possible before the game:

The Gamecocks’ leading receiver was Matrick Belton, who had his first career catch on the night, and had just four receptions for 18 yards. USC’s leading rusher was second-string quarterback Lorenzo Nunez. The freshman carried the ball 10 times for 76 yards.

GamecockCentral: Bullets: Game news and notes and Gamecocks trampled in Athens, both by Soott Hood.

Gene Sapakoff: Gamecocks defense no better than last year .

SBNation: 20 years later, Georgia hangs half a hundred on Steve Spurrier. Revenge is a dish best served stale? 1995 was a bad year for UGA but the Dawgs did manage to go 6-5 and play in a bowl (finishing 6-6) - which would be an uphill battle a miracle for us this season. UGA's head coach Ray Goff [a UGA alum and ex-USC assistant] was fired at the end of the '95 campaign, though he did whoop Fat Brad Scott's Gamecocks 42-21 earlier that year.  The HBC would finish 12-1 in '95, losing the National Championship to Nebraska in the Fiesta Bowl, before bouncing back to win the consensus NC for the Gators in 1996.

SportstalkSC: SportsTalk at the Stadium: Gamecocks no match for Bulldogs.

Saturday Down South: Report: Gamecocks QB back in the hospital, scheduled for blood transfusion. This whole hip injury has been completely mismanaged. This is the kind of debacle [(a) a bad season; (b) fans negativity to a new starter; (c) school improperly handling an injury] that makes QBs transfer. And that would truly be a shame. Let's hope we can get Mitch healthy and back on track because we need him to be successful. If you think I'm being overly negative or that USC has handled this injury well, I'm willing to be enlightened but my strong feeling now is that Mitch should not have dressed for UK.  He'd be better off health-wise and confidence-wise, and we might be sitting 2-1 instead of 1-2 (nothing could have stopped last night's loss at Athens, but dropping the Kentucky game might be the difference between a bowl and home for the holidays).

The Rubber Chickens: FIXED Toward a ‘Conscious Uncoupling’. It's time; can it be handled with dignity? We have to make a change because the will-he-retire question will soon become a self-fulfilling prophecy in recruiting -- if it's not already. I hate that like Dietzel and Holtz before him, we will have a coach whose happiest memories (and his national championship) were at another school. Seeing the HBC decked out in Orange and Blue when we go to Gainesville next year will be very painful - worse than seeing Lou in Irish gear or the late Paul Dietzel in his Purple and Gold the last time we traveled to the Bayou. UGA report card: An excellent evening for the Bulldogs. I think they're being too hard on the UGA defense with a B when Jeremy Pruitt's boys completely neutralized Pharoh Cooper (1 reception for 6 yards; 34 rushing yards; no punt return yards - 40 total yards) and absorbed Orth's best passing-game shot.  Nunez was a total change of pace that they would not have prepared for - and the call on the Orth keeper-TD was inspired - but still holding USC to 20 points (and really only 17 should be charged against the UGA "D" since the FG before the end of the 1st half was a special teams blunder) is worth an A- or an A in my book.

Bleacher Report: South Carolina vs. Georgia: Game Grades, Analysis for Gamecocks and Bulldogs. Any quibbles?

Get The Picture: Let the Dawgrading begin.

CBS Sports: Who's No. 1? Because it isn't Ohio State -- and doesn't need to be. Yep.