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The Feed Pail: September 24, 2015

A lot of young players are getting a shot at starting for the Gamecocks this season

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

GamecocksOnline: Here is a nice feature on Brandon Wilds and his time at Carolina. Also, the school released a video yesterday on Twitter that goes through the history of Williams-Brice Stadium.

TheBigSpur: Here's a look at what Lorenzo Nunez brings to the table. He's obviously young and inexperienced, but there's a lot to be excited about. And, with that youth and inexperience in mind, Spurrier is wary of overloading Nunez. This piece from Whittle includes Spurrier's quotes from the SEC teleconference.

Post & Courier: Perry Orth expects to play against UCF. He'll be ready whenever they want to put him in and he appreciates the fact that the coaches still have confidence in him. Also, For Gamecocks, defensive improvement begins with minding the gaps.

Gamecock Central: Elliot, O-Linemen rally 'round Bailey. I don't doubt that Zack Bailey is excited for the opportunity to start, but it's still a little crazy to me that we're starting a freshman who had never even played center a few months ago.

ESPN SEC Blog: After 3 weeks, who is the favorite to win the SEC? Spoiler Alert: Nobody chooses the Gamecocks.

The State: Can the Gamecocks play pass defense? I sure hope so!