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The Feed Pail: September 4, 2015

Eleven seasons and still no offensive identity, but dadgummit howsabout that Carolina "D"?

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Team Speed Kills: South Carolina Tops North Carolina in Season Opener.   Reservations.

Tarheel Blog: Defense Does Enough But Offense Sputters.   Lamentations.

The Daily Gamecock: Game Notes: Moore shines as run game finishes Tar Heels.   Acclamations.

Saturday Down South: Shon Carson, Skai Moore come up heroes for Gamecocks.   Rapid Reactions.

The Panther Lair: Larry Fedora should be fired for ignoring Elijah Hood against South Carolina. Excoriations.

NBC CFT: Gamecocks cash in on UNC’s red zone blunders for Belk Kickoff victory.   Accusations.

Garnet & Cocky: South Carolina Gamecocks Defeat UNC with Defense. Transformations.


Sports Talk: SportsTalk at the Stadium: Korn & Kmac review USC’s win (VIDEO). Ugly opener reveals little but South Carolina happy to escape with win. If the Heels had won 17-13 the headlines would have been all sunshine and johnnycakes for Loudmouth Larry and the Chiz. I tell you, my friends, we are over-exposed and we get punished in the media for lackluster performances in these "first game of the season" matchups that everyone watches.  Maybe one day we won't have to be the team that opens the CFB season with a coach who - yes while a HOF'er in waiting - just never-quite-seems to have us ready for the national stage in the opener.  Confidential to Ray Tanner - why don't we try to have a regular home opener in '16? And don't give me that "we need the three extra days to get ready for the 'Cats" when apparently everybody but Shon needed the three extra days to get ready on "O" against the Heels.

Fansided: South Carolina's Shon Carson torches North Carolina for 48-yard TD (Video).  All of us who've followed Shon's star-crossed career ... the season-ending injury against Georgia in '11; the grueling rehab year in '12; trying to re-acclimate in '13; the disappointing KO return play in '14 ... have to be just ecstatic for this kid's perseverance and heart.

Bleacher Report: UNC vs. South Carolina: Score, Highlights and Twitter Reaction.  Jonathan Jones' tweet is priceless, but I will confess a hidden mancrush for the Chiz and we'd be crazy not to interview him when the HBC decides to pack it in full time for St. Augustine (flame away - I don't care).  However, it's nice that the HBC finally got one over on Gene - though nothing will ever ease the pain of the 2011 loss to Aubie at Willy B. Or the 2010 SECCG for that matter.

The State: Gamecocks defense was stellar in the red zone.   Four sacks is even better news than three picks.

Yahoo!: Defense Saves South Carolina.  I wasn't kidding about the no offensive identity.  We've got some good ball players. We've got some interesting plays in our trick bag.  But what exactly is the Carolina offense?  That being said, my favorite thing wasn't Shon's big run, but the two first downs on the last possession.

The Observer: Gamecocks win dramatic game over Tar Heels on a good night for college football.   20,000 empty seats means the fans aren't into neutral site.  Ya hearin' me, Ray?

Gamecocksonline: The write-up from the official party organ -  Football Opens 2015 Season With 17-13 Win Over North Carolina.