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The Feed Pail: September 8, 2015

Is it Monday already? Wait - it's Tuesday!

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

AJC: Andy Johnson posts his SEC power rankings: Week 1.

Garnet & Cocky: Sanders Early posts Putting Connor Mitch's First Start into Perspective.

Gamecock Cereal: Rixon Lane posts twenty five Fast & Furious Monday Morning Observations. # 6 is a real problem that needs to be addressed; # 22 is a freaky coincidence.  Read them all. Do you disagree with any?  Plus -NFL Gamecock Roundup (1)and NFL Gamecock Roundup (2). Check them both out.   Jasper Brinkely getting cut from Dallas is pretty tough news - hopefully he will make another roster.

Louisville Courier-Journal: Five Takeaways from UK's Mark Stoops. He respects Pharoh Cooper.

A Sea of Blue: Kentucky Football: Seeing Saturday’s Forest Beyond the Trees and The Drinking Glass Half-Full and Half-Empty: Louisiana-Lafayette Edition.  Both writers cover the same ground but it's worth looking at their takes.

Tom Dienhart: Sweet music - It's been a tough beginning for Big Ten football. No kidding. And that was before Purdue lost to visiting Marshall 41-31 on Sunday.

DailyBulletin: Sweeter music - Pac-12 football falls flat in first week.

Bleacher Report: I was going to say "Sweetest" but then it is Barrett Sallee, after all, plus he didn't give us any props for leading off the whole 12-1 SEC opening weekend shebang by throttling was was projected to be a top 10 nCar offtense, but at least its not a slideshow: SEC Football Re-Established Its Dominance in Week 1.  Dominant male monkey m- .... Oh, you know the rest.

CBS Sports: Falcons, SEC reach 10-year title game deal for new stadium.  I guess Atlanta has become a tradition but I personally wouldn't mind the SECCG moving around a little, either.

Post & Courier: $14.5 million project transforms area surrounding Gamecocks’ stadium.  This project to improve the look of Williams-Brice may ultimately prove to be Eric Hyman's biggest legacy at USC.  That and Dawn Staley, of course!

Raleigh News & Observer: UNC’s Larry Fedora attempts to answer the great Elijah Hood question.  Apparently they had a suite of goal line plays that didn't include Hood.  And it's not like we were out there playing bean bag.

Palmetto Recruiting: Richland NE standout LB T.J. Brunson says Gamecocks would now take him.


Go Cocks!   As always, if you enjoyed The Feed Pail, please leave a comment.  If you see a great link from the last 24 hours that we missed, please leave it in the comments. Keep in mind that The State (Columbia), The Post & Courier (Charleston) and The Greenville News all have paywalls with limited page views each month.

Who got the poll reference?  I am seriously dating myself.