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South Carolina’s Quarterback Dilemma: To Burn A Redshirt

WIll Muschamp hasn’t done much to dispel the notion that Jake Bentley will be starting against UMass on Saturday.

NCAA Football: East Carolina at South Carolina Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve got football malware. It’s in our system. We have to wipe the whole thing clean and that’s why we are going to reboot with a new quarterback, Jake Bentley. Yeah, I know it’s not official. Rumor has it, he might start against the UMass game. The question still remains. Is Bentley an upgrade from Perry Orth or Brandon McIlwain? A lot of Gamecock fans think so.

What makes you think Jake Bentley is the guy?

Why burn the redshirt? Do you think he can immediately turn this season around? Look, we are 2 and 6 with a lot issues. Fundamental issues like blocking, catching, tackling and of course the more serious one of them all – scoring.

What about Perry Orth?

NCAA Football: Georgia at South Carolina Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Perry Orth has experience and can read the defense better than Brandon McIlwain. He looks better in the pocket and had some nice looking throws. However, Orth is very inconsistent. His drives usually come on in the 4th quarter when it’s a little too late. He is at 661 total yards and a 57/90 with a completion percentage at 63.3%. He has ZERO touchdowns.

What about Brandon McIlwain?

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

He was looked upon as a QB turning things around, tossing TDs all the while scrambling away from defenders. Not the case. He has struggled to score. Struggled with accuracy. BUT in McIlwain’s defense, he didn’t have Rico Dowdle, Deebo Samuel or Bryan Edwards because they were injured. He has two passing and two rushing touchdowns, passing completion percentage at 52.8%.

Perry Orth

It’s hard for me to say this about such a great guy and leader, but I’m no longer holding my breath anymore. Perry Orth needs to lead this team from the sidelines. Why? He is not going to magically turn into a scoring machine. Sure, he had some nice TD throws in the past. Sure, he should’ve had a TD or two this season. To be brutally honest, he blew it against the Bulldogs. He can’t be trusted to score points except maybe a quarter, or half of a quarter, but that’s it.

Brandon McIlwain

Brandon McIlwain is not accurate. He misses open receivers, misses running opportunities, and guess what? He’s a freshman! Look at Jacob Eason the nations top QB in the 2016 recruiting class. Eason passing completion is at 53.4% . Yeah, this is what you can expect from most freshmen quarterbacks. BMAC he will be back next year and there’s hope he will improve with MORE experience. We need to continue with BMAC. He needs more time in my opinion.

Jake Bentley

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Vanderbilt Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

He just got here like four months ago. He is getting reps though. But hasn’t played much with the first practice team. But everything we “hear” about him has been very good. Great pocket presence, great arm, a runner, and highly ranked QB in the 2016 class with offers from everyone.

The truth is simple. If this low low scoring offense continues against some beatable teams AND we never try Jake Bentley, then it’s time to winterize your bar. Get nestled in for a long winter. Grow a beard. Then, stare out the window still in your bathrobe and pajamas drinking cheap whiskey from a coffee cup, watching your neighbors hang Christmas lights and then listen to them braying on and on about their wonderful-effin football team.

So, yeah. I hear the Jake Bentley crowd shouting burn baby burn the redshirt! Okay. Let’s do it! Start Jake Bentley!