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The Feed Pail: October 4, 2016

Who's getting excited about the next edition of the Deep South's Oldest Non-Rivalry (TM)?

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Willie T. Smith III: Forget Perry v. B-Mac. The real news is that we are likely to see top Gamecock WRs Deebo Samuel and Bryan Edwards back on the field against UGA.

Scott Hood: More on QB1 situation and Samuel's/Edwards' anticipated return; we're also expecting LB Larenz Bryant and OL Blake Camper to play (but WR/RB Radrecous Davis and OL Donnell Stanley are still out). Which returning player will have the biggest impact? Take the poll! Also - over at Gamecock Central, Scott checks in on the Dawgs. I would have sympathy for the Silver Britches had I not had it surgically removed years ago.

College Spun: Nick Chubb has been cleared for USC-UGA. Good. I want best-on-best. (Ed. - Actually, I just want to win somehow, someway, by hook or by crook; but since he's going to play, I will try to be sportsmanlike and such).

DawgSports: Hurricane Matthew Could Threaten Georgia-South Carolina...and the Game. In the comments, it seems that the Athenians would gladly be willing to host the game over at Sanford, dontcha know, if our field got too wet, or the wind got too swirly. They're a hospitable bunch like that.

Dawgs247: Kirby says facing his old pal Boom will be 'business-like'.

SEC Country: Champ feels a lot more positive about the Gamecocks’ O-line and what about Garnet Thor as ... as ... wait for it .... punt returner? It's an open competition.  PlusUsing adversity as a recruiting pitch; it will be recruiting that will make or break 2016, not Carolina's W-L record at the end of the season (not that it makes it easier to sit through losses).

247: Speaking of Boom on the recruiting trail - check out # 10 on this list. Overall.

J.C. Shurbutt: In praise of Perry. Plus - some Rico highlights.

GamecocksOnline: Congrats to USC's Bjorn Gudjonsson, named Offensive Player of the Week in C-USA soccer; the sophomore forward from Reykjavik, Iceland scored two goals against High Point and one against Marshall.

Spurs & Feathers: Banged-up Gamecocks continue fall scrimmages (from Sunday).