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Hurricane Matthew Open Thread

With Hurricane Matthew taking aim at the South Carolina and Georgia coasts (and possibly affecting the location of the Gamecocks/Bulldogs game), we’ve decided to put up an open thread to allow us to a) post pertinent information about the storm and b) help you out there to keep tabs on the members of our community to ensure that they’re safe. (Thanks to our man SCSoldier04 for the idea).

First off, the latest storm updates can be found over at the National Weather Service’s site and at The usual information will be there, including storm track, forecasts, and more.

—The local TV stations in the coastal areas will be covering it in depth. WCSC, WCIV and WCBD are the stations of record in Charleston, while WMBF, WBTW and WPDE serve the Myrtle Beach area. WJCL, WTOC and WSAV are located in Savannah.

—As far as local newspapers, the Post and Courier serves Charleston, while the Sun News and Savannah Morning News serve Myrtle Beach and Savannah, respectively.

—Of course, if you have any information you’d like to pass on, you can do so in our comment section below.

Stay safe, everyone.