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The Feed Pail: Hurricane Watch Edition

Home Sweet Dome?

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Hey! "Carolina" should be in garnet. Effort that, please.
Hey! "Carolina" should be in garnet. Effort that, please.
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The State: Decision on USC-Georgia game will be made later this week. If I were a betting man, I'd wager we will know by the end of today.

NBC Sports: South Carolina governor ‘can’t imagine’ UGA-USC game being played as scheduled because of hurricane. Even if Nikki is a Tater who ran off Darla Moore from the USC Board, it's hard to argue with her logic here. Just a reminder - Clemson is playing at B.C. this weekend; in case you're curious, here is a run-down from USA Today about how Hurricane Matthew is affecting the rest of CFB in the Palmetto State.

Saturday Down South: How much truth to this rumor? Atlanta likely to host South Carolina-Georgia game if Hurricane Matthew causes problems - with the AJC cited as the source. The State is also reporting the same thing. Truthfully, I'd rather play Between the Hedges and just chalk it up to that's how the cookie crumbles in Hurricane Alley - but then it might be a wash-out at Sanford too, which serves no one's purposes. Even if UGA gets an advantage playing at (or near) home, the game cannot be postponed. Just like last year, we simply cannot tie up 80-90 State Troopers, or the CPD, working our game; just like last year, we can keep a positive attitude and thank the Georgians for working with us. It is what it is and it's out of our hands as fans. The Cocks can show their character, resiliency and fortitude by playing hard from the opening whistle at whichever stadium will have us. Of course, if you think all this jabber about moving a SEC home game is just plain crazy talk, then the Mighty Gators are with you.

Sic 'Em Dawgs: Here are the options on the table assuming the game cannot be played in Columbia. Do you agree with me a half-filled Sanford Stadium is preferable to a half empty dome that doesn't feel like a real SEC game? Isn't it more fun to sneak bourbon into Sanford than buy overpriced beer at Atlanta? Except for the whole getting arrested part, of course. Take the Poll.

SEC Country: I totally do, too - Gamecocks expect Georgia to bounce back - especially if they get an extra home game in Athens. Plus5 key things for South Carolina: Prepare for anything.

The Big Spur: Gamecocks preparing for Eason's long leash. If Eason had the OL that Eric Zeier, David Greene, Matt Stafford and Aaron Murray had their first seasons under center in Athens, we'd already be talking about him like we used to talk about his predecessors.  PlusMuschamp makes some decisions on redshirts. I think we can close the book on seeing Nunez or Bentley this season.

ATL All Day: Updates on Chubb, Ledbetter and Marshall.

Greenville News: Will Muschamp has "a good idea" of his QB plans. Let's hope that the good idea is actually a good idea.

SportstalkSC: Read this article about the de-commitment of WR Shawn Smith ... "He had no other choice but to decommit," says his H.S. coach.  I think the coach has a point about the non-communication, but on the other hand it wasn't like we forced him out and we'd be stupid to recruit only one or two receivers this class.  Recruits should commit to the school first, the coach second and the idea of being the go-to guy third.  AlsoDB Tank Robinson of Lake Marion Rolls into USC and Clemson.

Savannah Morning News: South Carolina football team offering more defense than offense so far.  The AP story by the redoubtable Pete Iacobelli.

Gamecock Central: Over at Founder's Park, position battles narrowing as fall scrimmages continue.

GamecocksOnline: In cross-country, South Carolina Claims Decisive Win in Gamecock Invitational which might be the last USC sporting event this week in Columbia as equestrian and volleyball matches have been postponed. Great news for Travelle Wharton - Named South Carolina's SEC Legend.

Spurs & Feathers: A great effort - Curing Kids Cancer announces donation, new Gamecock clinic.

SEC Rant: I done broke my damn TV! Don't even pretend you haven't done (or thought about doing) the same thing. The guy's Eason jersey with the tag still attached is priceless, the silence from 2:27 - 3:32 proves the SEC's marketing campaign "It just means more" is 100% true. TO: Uncle Lou; FROM: Your Friends at GABA; RE: Get better soon, Uncle Lou; MESSAGE: In two weeks or so, please.