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USC vs. UGA: What Scares You The Most About This Game?

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

The Gamecocks will square off against Georgia Bulldogs in what might be called the Mud Bowl. It’s a 2:30 game which should give everyone enough time to change out of their church clothes and get to the stadium in time for a quick tailgate.

The Gamecocks have a little bit of history in this rivalry. We’ve won the last 3 games in Williams-Brice stadium. No doubt, Nick Chubb and Jacob Eason could change history this Sunday as they are quite capable of scoring; however, this UGA team seems soft compared to TAMU.

Let me ask you. What really scares you most about this game?

Dip cups Tough Mudder Football Baptist trying to get out of church!
Mutton chop sideburns White uniforms?? Methodist trying to get out of Lizard's Thicket
Dudes that look like Uga 5 O-line playing on soggy field Catholics trying to get to Mass after the game...sober
The Kirby hairdo (aka Choirboy comb over) Should they play Deebo? Folks driving from Atlanta that aren't used to speed limits, driver safety and four way stops


There are many types of Dawg fans out there with a wide range of temperaments. Years of extensive studies conducted to understand their behavior on game day including disposition after losing close games and blowouts. Here are some of the common UGA fans that you’ll encounter on Sunday.

The Protester

He stands up and hollers a collection of obscenities at the refs for not calling holding and pass interference on every play. Long after the play is dead, he is still standing with arms crossed in protest. The protester Dawg fan is a nuisance and even his own family has to tell him to shut up and sit down.

The Hurler

Every close game that’s right down to the last minute he will start throwing s#!t. Cups, food, and/or his hat is usually hurled in the final seconds of the game. Win or lose, he is tossing something up in the air. #fugthisplace

The Shrieker

She is fifty-something Athens native with a bouffant and a deafening scream that will split your skull in half. She is very southern with a good disposition and kid friendly until provoked by the Hail Mary. Her high pitched screams are often mixed with profanities. She can turn at any moment. One minute she is sweeter than sweet tea and the next she is quite vicious.. Do NOT make eye contact.


Yeah, he made it to the game but just don’t talk to him. He’s been grumpy ever since the good Lord took Larry Munson up to Heaven. You won’t see many of the Gramps type at this game because it’s being played on Sunday; however, a few will be forced to make the trip. If the Dawgs are losing by a touchdown, Gramps will wonder off. His family gives a half-hearted search for him, but they know where he is. Eventually Gramps shows up at the tailgate spot. He’s ready to go dammit!

The Whiner (the most common UGA fan)

Three things in life are certain for for this type of fan. Death, Taxes and losing a game or three in the SEC. It’s inescapable. The Whiners are never happy. They are the most miserable fan base in the SEC. Personally, I’d rather listen to Rocky Top while chewing tinfoil than hear them complain about everything. Play-calling, they don’t run enough, they run too much, not going for it on 4th and 40 and the weather. Even if they win, they are unhappy. For years they have bitched-n-moaned so much about Coach Mark Richt, it’s now part of their DNA. Finally, the entire Dawg nation is pissed that this games wasn’t moved to fan friendly Sanford and Son stadium. Even if this game was moved to the Georgia Dome, they would still find something to complain about. Oh, well.


There’s a strong possibility that the bands will perform during halftime show; however, USC and UGA will have a swim meet at Williams-Brice Stadium instead. And if any Gamecock player twists and ankle or pulls a hammie, some of the high divers are ready to suit-up and play.


Expect the worst. Power outages. Downed power lines. No traffic lights. This is nothing new to UGA fans. It takes forever and a day to get to Athens for a game; however getting to the wet Willy B is going to be a challenge for this game despite the time at 2:30. Make preparations like taking your mud boots, gloves, and a chain saw.