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Real Tweets From Real Gamecocks: The “best of Gamecock Twitter” from the week that was

On Fridays, we hop on Twitter to see what the South Carolina community is talking about. We (obviously) won’t get them all, so tag us on Twitter at #RealTweetsFromRealGamecocks for nominees for next week!

The big news this week has of course been Hurricane Matthew. When some students from College of Charleston needed to evacuate, USC welcomed them to Columbia:

Matthew also caused some football scheduling problems. It took approximately 17 years for the powers that be to decide what to do about the USC-UGA game. Another group could’ve gotten the job done a lot faster:

There were also theories flying all over Twitter about where and when the game would be held. One idea was that the game would be played at the Georgia Dome. While it was a popular theory, it was also incorrect:

Other big news this week was the debate between VP candidates Tim Kaine and Mike Pence. Not everyone tuned in, though:

Meanwhile, a Gamecock pitcher had a pressing question:

A Gamecock wide receiver had an important question too:

And finally, a couple of Gamecocks coaches offered some words of wisdom: