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The Feed Pail: Mizzou Victory Edition

Am I more happy at the prospect of fifteen extra practices, or getting an extra hour of sleep with the end of Daylight Savings Time?

Ricccccooooooooo Dowdllllleeeeeeeee
Ricccccooooooooo Dowdllllleeeeeeeee
Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Team Speed Kills: What we learned from the Gamecocks’ 31-21 win.

ESPN: Bentley stays perfect, South Carolina defeats Missouri 31-21.  "He muscled around us a little bit."  Yes, he did. Funny how the last four victories in this series have belonged to the QB who put his team on his shoulders in the fourth - Shaw ... Mauk ... Lock ... Bentley.

SEC Country: Gamecocks’ 14-point swing proves crucial in 31-21 win over Missouri. 98 yards, 9 plays. 3:39.  TD. Is it an understatement to call it the drive of the season so far? Even including Dowdle's freakish eye-hand-TD catch in the 2nd to right-the-wrong of the bogus incompletion call against Nick Jones the play prior?

NCAA: Just in case you need to see Rico's trick catch again - you're welcome.

Josh Kendall: Bentley towers over tiny competition in SEC East.  Josh is in full late-season sour puss mode; the kid should be lining up a h.s. prom date, and he is 3-0 as a starter in the SEC. Obviously, Bama's Jalen Hurts will be the SEC Freshman of the Year (perhaps PotY?) and UGA's Jacob Eason will surely develop into an elite QB talent, but its nice to see an early Christmas gift that USC has a signal-caller now who will be in the All-SEC mix going forward - his ceiling is a total unknown. Bentley's ability to manage and make plays should earn us a crappy bowl berth - with fifteen priceless extra practices for the whole crew.

Gamecock Central: Muschamp uses unconventional method to motivate Gamecocks. Mouse-champ or Mus-trap? This is pretty clever whoever came up with it.  It's been an up-and-down season, but more and more I think USC A.D. Ray Tanner made the right hire for us under the circumstances.  Plus - more on the commitment of 4-star WR Chad Terrell. Some services have Terrell as a high 3 star. Either way, a great recruiting get. Spurs up!

Saturday Down South: Gamecocks extend Missouri’s misery.  Plus - answering a question posed before the game - Is Will Muschamp on course to have the last laugh at South Carolina? Yes.

The Big Spur: Speaking of Boom - this was pretty classy post-game move.  Also - props to Zack Bailey and Rico Dowdle's stardom continues to grow.

YouTube: Judge for yourself if Lammons deserved the targeting ejection.  In light of the earlier ejection against the Mizzou LB, it's hard to argue this one - Chris lowered his helmet as he was going down.  Gotta be "heads up", men - both literally and figuratively.  With two ejections in two games, will the league sit Lammons for the whole UF game or just the first half?

SportstalkSC: Tennessee RB excited over USC offer.  We're already working on 2018 kids, folks. It's a whole new outlook with Boom & Co.

Rock M Nation: Blown opportunities kill Missouri in 31-21 loss at South Carolina.  What?  No S&P+? A game of intangibles, grit and will?  Who woulda thunk it?

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Mizzou's SEC losing streak reaches 11 with loss at South Carolina - the longest since the 1930s.  "Speaking of Great Depressions, Missouri's duct-taped defense continues its forgettable fall with another flat performance."  Ed - Mein Gott!  That is beautiful sports-writing - two alliterations, a historical allusion, funny and true!

Kansas City Star: Funny - Drew Lock guzzles South Carolina fans’ frustration. Hard to dislike Drew; he's got moxy. Andre Ware was all over him last night on the ESPN telecast for limiting his reads to only one side of the field - in contrast to Jake who worked through all his progressions.

Spurs & Feathers: Meanwhile on the pitch, USC closes out the regular season with a 2-1 win at No. 12 UK.  The Cocks are 10-6-1 [5-2-1 C-USA]; Coach Berson is right that this should go a long way to securing an at-large berth in the NCAAs, but we need a big run in the C-USA  tourney to solidify our case.

GamecocksOnline: Back-to-back Hoops exhibition games this afternoon at the CLA -  Dawn Staley's women at 1:30 against Benedict and Frank Martin's men at 4:30 versus Newberry.