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The Feed Pail: Election Day, 2016

Some links while you wait at the polling place.

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Deebo Samuel
Deebo Samuel
Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Spurs & Feathers: Staley after 71-point win over Benedict: 'It was a good start' .

SEC Country: Breaking down Jake Bentley’s performance against Missouri.

Josh Kendall: Will Muschamp not overthinking return to FloridaPlus - Here’s how South Carolina can win the SEC East. This kind of sportswriter pablum usually makes me roll my eyes - it's like Josh's sports nerd-dom in full bloom.  And then I look at the scenario:

"The Gamecocks must beat Florida; Tennessee must beat Kentucky, and Georgia must lose to Auburn. If all those things happen, AND Florida loses to LSU AND the Volunteers lose to either Missouri or Vanderbilt, then the Gamecocks, Gators, Wildcats and Volunteers all will be 4-4 in the league and tied atop the SEC East. Through the magic of tiebreakers, South Carolina would emerge from that pack and earn the East Division’s spot in the SEC Championship Game."

Read more here:

Read more here:

The scary thing is that we control the toughest hurdle - Carolina over Florida. If we can pull that rabbit out of the hat (are you kidding me - a 4-4 mark in SEC play?) then can't you see a topsy-turvy UT edge UK at Neyland and then either (a) crap the bed against Mizzou at Rocky Top next week or (b) sleepwalk into a chippy Vanderbilt team in Nashville the week after that? Isn't Aubie heavily favored to win the Between the Hedges? And no matter what happens this Saturday, is anyone picking the Gators at Baton Rouge in the Hurricane Matthew make-up game - especially with the Bayou Bengals likely playing all-out at save Ed Ogeron's job? Is it the greatest six game parlay in the history of the SEC East or what?

Would you even want it to happen?  Take the poll!

The Tenneesean: OK. So Josh isn't the only one talking about the the USC-to-SECCG scenario.

Yahoo! Sports: Did it just get a little easier? Florida QB Luke Del Rio out after shoulder injury. McElwain is saying (now) it will be Austin Appleby under center.

Alligator Army: Del Rio's injury is causing some huge angst at The Swamp - Luke Del Rio’s injury brings Florida, Jim McElwain to the crossroads. This piece is like a journey into the Gator Heart of Darkness, with the HBC as Kurtz. ("Are my methods unsound?"). I love Spurrier. I want to shiv him, too. On UF's Senior Day, to boot.

Campus Insiders: Puncher's chance?  Here are some who pundits think the Gators are the worst two loss team in FBS.

The Big Spur: Meanwhile, Boom is saying the right things - Muschamp keeps focus off him, on SEC East chances.

Saturday Down South: Praise for Champ - How Will Muschamp steered South Carolina’s turnaround.  Also - from the Gators' perspective, McElwain’s decision: Play it safe with senior QB or roll dice with a freshman? This piece is a good breakdown of the Gator QBs we might face.

247: Rico Dowdle picks up True Freshman honor. Congrats, Rico. Jake Bentley garnered the same laurel last week. And - speaking of Jake - Pro Football Focus heaps praise upon Jake Bentley.

Gamecocks Online: USC Sophomore F Bjorn Gudjonsson named Conference USA Offensive Player of the Week. Congrats to Bjorn.

Post & Courier: Darius Rucker jumps into the sports agent business. "I can't help it if I'm lucky; I only want to be with you."