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The GABA Cast, Episode 23: BASKETBALL U.

Let's talk about squeakyhoops.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

People of the Internet, be advised that your favorite dynamic duo has returned to the airwaves for more outstanding wit, inspiring commentary, and brilliant repartee.

Also, the latest episode of the GABA Cast is available!

In this week's bite-sized episode, among other tidbits, you'll find:

  • Sam and DC3 fight through the rigors of first world problems, as well as other technical difficulties to bring you the latest and greatest in South Carolina Gamecocks sports banter.
  • We explain how, while it was disappointing, the women's basketball team's loss to UConn is far from the end of the world, especially as it relates to meeting again in the Final Four.
  • What's A'ja Wilson's situation?
  • The great start to a difficult stretch of basketball for the men's team.
  • What the schedules for both the men's and women's teams look like moving into March.
We also dive into the Kentucky Wildcats game preview, discuss whether or not we're underrated, or even if we're an underdog for the game (THAT WE WILL BE ATTENDING!) this coming Saturday. (Wildcats vs Gamecocks coverage)

Listen below, find us on iTunes, or click here to find the episode page directly on Blog Talk Radio.

Forever to Thee,

P.S - after the game, Sam and I will be attempting to quench our thirst at the THIRSTY FELLOW. If you're going to the CLA come find us afterwards!

P.P.S - Sam alludes to the fact that DC3 will be buying everyone a round of drinks...

P.P.P.S - re: the above comment, this will not be happening.